A Happy New Year Digitally!

Sales of Palax firewood processors has grown steadily over the last four fiscal years. The general economic situation in Europe is now somewhat uncertain but we want to remain on the growth path in the future too. It is only through hard and determined work that we can succeed. We must also work to the highest standards throughout the chain from product development to selling products to the customer. Further, to survive the competition in the future, we need to change and change the way we operate.


The Palax organization has been strengthened in many key areas of competitiveness. One of the most visible changes for our customers is the increase of automation in our machines. Our goal is “easy and efficient firewood production” and automation offers new opportunities to achieve this goal. At the same time, we must ensure that Palax firewood processors continue to be reliable and ease to use – the qualities of which our machines are known for – in the future as well.


Another major change has taken place in marketing where digital marketing tools provide an incredible opportunity to reach our customers globally and quickly. As we benefit from these opportunities we want to provide our customers better service and share useful information.


In early December, we made a major digital breakthrough in the production of Palax firewood processors when we introduced a new state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that integrates all of the company's operations. The new real-time system will greatly improve resource planning and management and take reporting to a new level. Fully electronic documents and mobile interfaces represent today’s digital world.


Digitalization is not only about festive speeches but also practical work that enhances our work in different areas and makes our products more competitive. Behind everything there are people in various tasks in the organization making quality Palax products. We have knowledgeable and motivated people who are ready to change their way of working and develop their skills because we want to make our customers even more satisfied.


Pekka Himanka

Managing Director