From logs to firewood

Firewood processors produce firewood efficiently. They are a Finnish specialty.


In addition to harvesters, the focus in Finland is on another forestry machine: the firewood processors. These machines cut and split logs into firewood. Since 1954, one of the manufacturing pioneers has been Palax in Ylistaro. The company is part of the Finnish Industry Group Terra Patris together with other firewood processor manufacturers Hakki Pilke and Japa.


Today, Palax employs around 70 employees and produces approximately 1,000 firewood processors per year. In total, the company has made more than 60,000 machines. Nowadays around 70% of the production is exported to 30 countries; including machines that cut logs from 25 to 55 cm of diameter with splitting power varying from 4 to 44 tons. What is special about Palax compared to other manufacturers is that more than half of the machines feature a circular saw instead of the usual chain saw. The circular saw blades are available up to 1m in diameter which is enough for the most Finnish trees.


Team Palax: Managing Director Pekka Himanka, Sales Director Timo Lehtonen and Export Manager Jyrki Sainio.


**Come to meet us in Austria! Palax firewood processors will be exhibited at Austrofoma on Oct 8 – 10, 2019.** 


The story and picture by Mr. Guido Höner. The story has been published in the latest issue of Top Agrar (9/2019), the leading magazine for modern farming.