The Palax staff has gasoline flowing in the veins

In the summer, we will introduce some of the vehicles which our staff members are using when commuting to the Palax factory. There is such a large number of two-wheel enthusiasts that they deserve their own article on the subject.


Visa Viertola got petrol in his veins already in breast milk: from a little boy to this day, he has had more than 80 bikes in total. Currently, he has three: the BMW R1200GS for driving, the Kawasaki KX450 for motocross and the KTM 300 for enduro. In Enduro, he has been successful in racing and rides in winter too. Motorcycling was also an important element on Visa’s honeymoon during which he drove across Central Europe with his bride on the back. Today, two of the couple’s children also have motorcycles. The next motorcycle trip is planned with a motorcyclist friend to the Mediterranean countries and the Alps.


For Jyrki Sainio, building motorcycles is a beloved hobby along with driving. He originally had the idea to turn his current bike, the BMW K100RS into a Cafe Racer or Scrambler-type bike, but it began to feel better to keep the bike original, at least for now. According to him, the usability has been the best with this solution.


During the summer, Timo Lehtonen rides a motorcycle whenever possible. The versatility and adjustability of his current BMW R1200GS make it unrivalled for both paved and gravel roads. In the vicinity, one of his favorite roads runs along the Kyrönjoki river, near the Palax factory, towards Vaasa. Most of his trips are in Finland but he has also driven abroad.


Paavo Peltomaa has a handsome 65-year-old vintage motorcycle that gets deserved attention in the village. He wanted to restore an old bike, and ended up with the Awo 425 T, which his uncles had driven in their own youth and warmly recommended to him. The top speed reached by his motorcycle is 100km/h.


Taina Inkeri’s and Sirpa Kujala's paths to motorcycles started in the same way, sitting on the back of their husbands. Now that they have their own bikes, they would no longer sit on the back. Before her own motorcycle, Taina was riding a scooter. In her first summer with a motorcycle, she practiced driving for 7,000 km. Nowadays, driving the Suzuki Intruder 1400 is a pleasant summer hobby for her. Since 2002, Sirpa has relied on her Kawasaki LTD 450. The trips have taken her all over Finland, in the northernmost to Saariselkä, and she has also tested her endurance by participating in the Iron Butt Rally where participants need to drive at least 1,000 miles (1,600 km) in 24 hours.


Both Jyri Rinta-Koski and Ari Karhunen are into veteran mopeds - Jyri has a 62-year-old Crescent 1126K and Ari a 59-year-old Zündapp Combinette. These mopeds are always noticed, and once when Jyri returned to his moped after grocery shopping, three older gentlemen were found kneeling around his moped, reminiscing their own youth. Jyri has restored several mopeds from scratch to the museum register. He also tends to take part in the old mopeds’ 100 km round trip around Lake Vesijärvi. Ari is also talented at restoring museum vehicles, and he refurbishes both old mopeds and cars. During the summer, he enjoys riding his moped which can reach a top speed of 40 km/h but his favorite activity is refurbishing them.


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