Our subcontracting sales have been discontinued until further notice.



Our part manufacturing division, which is specialised in subcontracting, makes use of the latest state-of-the-art technology, and serves its customers, delivering semi-manufactured parts, starting from single items to deliveries of long series and larger assemblies. Our comprehensive, self-sufficient production facility is committed to serve a broad and diversified customer base. In addition, we can offer the services of our own product development department for designing the products of the customers. If necessary, we also make use of our extensive and reliable co-operation network.

Professional subcontracting

In particular, our versatile offering of laser cutting services, which covers plate thicknesses up to 25mm, and our robotised welding facilities have significantly increased our capacity. In the future, we will seek a considerable increase in turnover from subcontracting. By means of effective production control, a high automation level, and advanced unmanned production method, we will be able to offer the high-quality manufacturing of parts at a competitive price.

We know what we are offering

We work at our factory inspired by our Ostrobothnian passion and uncompromising discipline; our comprehensive solutions, in detail finished parts, as well as the prompt deliveries, provide our customers with the opportunity to improve their competitiveness. In addition to a variety of different subcontracted goods, we also offer for industrial intralogistics products made of steel: tipping skips, drip trays, as well as pull-out shelves for forklift pallets. We know what we are offering: only the very best.


FMS-welding robot cell
Laser line with a high rack storage and a pick-up robot
Laser line with a high rack storage
Laser line with manipulator
Sheet metal fabrication machinery
Sheet metal cutter 3012
Bending machine 400t 4, 2 m
Bending machine 100t 3,0m
Bending machine 100t 3,0m
Bending machine 80t 2,5m
Bending machine 50t 1,25m
Sheet metal roller
Threading equipment
Sawing line
Column-type drilling machines
Welding equipment
Paint shop


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