Towards ever closer cooperation: Palax and Japa under the responsibility of the same Managing Director

The new Managing Director of Ylistaro Terästakomo is Jori Lammi. With this appointment, Jori will run two companies at the same time, as he will also continue in his previous role as the Managing Director of Laitilan Rautarakenne, a manufacturer of Japa firewood processors.


Since June 2020, Jori Lammi, 38, has taken over responsibility for running the business of Ylistaron Terästakomo, a manufacturer of Palax firewood processors. Jori has more than 10 years of experience in the firewood processor business through his various roles in the Terra Patris Group. Most recently, he has been the Managing Director of Laitilan Rautarakenne, a manufacturer of Japa firewood processors, and will continue in this role also after his new appointment. The purpose behind sharing the same Managing Director is to increase cooperation between the firewood processor manufacturers.


“The Palax and Japa brands have their own strong identities and will remain separate, so there will be no change in this. Instead, we will seek synergies and further intensify and develop existing cooperation in various areas,” Jori says.


Strong growth potential with circular saw machines


As Jori has been with the Group for a long time, he is already familiar with the different factories in the same firewood processor division; in addition to Palax and Japa, these include Hakki Pilke by Maaselän Kone. However, Palax has played a special role in the early stages of his career, as he did his master’s thesis in Industrial Management for the factory in 2009.


“At Palax, I got my first contact with the firewood manufacturing environment and exports. At first, my responsibilities focused primarily on the safety of the machines.”


Jori values ​​Palax's strong organization and product development. Growth in the market will be pursued with even greater determination.


“Palax stands out in the market especially with the circular saw machines but their potential in exports has not yet been fully realized. That is why it is important to start strengthening the conditions for profitable international business.”


Taking care of the needs of personnel, importers and end customers is equally important in the business development.


"Caring for people is always at the heart of what we do. This will continue to be so."


The next move is to settle down in Tampere with the family, including a wife and 3- and 1-year-old sons. The city of the Terra Patris Group's headquarters locates conveniently with the same distance from both the Palax and Japa factories.


Let’s end with a tough question: which machine would you use to make firewood, Palax or Japa?


“Both are great machines and brands. It depends on whether I want the log to go from left to right or vice versa!”