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Power from nature

Firewood is a form of bioenergy and heating by wood is ecological.

Using the Palax machines, the firewood from the forest is easily converted into heat for living quarters.

Turning a growing tree into firewood

Logs that were hewed during late winter the previous year, are the best for firewood. The felled trees are stacked in a clearing to dry. Usually the logs are chopped into firewood right upon felling.

The early spring wind and the sunshine dry up the firewood in a few months. After drying, the firewood is stored in well-ventilated storage space or in a shed.

Heating the cottage

In recent years, heating by firewood has gained popularity, and now rivals heating by oil and electricity.

In Finland, newly-built houses, without exception, are fitted with one or even several hearths – not forgetting all the wood-burning saunas. Wood is an ideal fuel, and many people think that the heat, generated by burning it, is more enjoyable than the heat generated using other fuels.

Heating up the sauna

In Finland, there are more than half a million summer cottages, and more than three million saunas. Naturally, a major part of these is heated by wood. If you love to heat up your sauna with wood, we recommend providing  the yard of your summer cottage or weekend house with one of the following: D270, X600, X1000 or C550. These models are also available for mobile use.


Alone or together with neighbours

Do you own a forest holding or a farmhouse? Do you make firewood for your own use only or perhaps, occasionally, also for your neighbours? Could you consider sharing the machine with someone else? Then, one of the models D270 Active, D360, C700 Combi and perhaps superfast C750.2 would be a right choice for you. The tough workhorse, Palax C700 Combi, is also available for mobile use. 


The customer is demanding.

Therefore, the firewood vendor must invest in quality and punctuality of delivery."


The operation of Klapukauppa began in a slightly candid manner in 2003, when I was still employed as a mechanic by Terästakomo, and the new model, the Palax 70, was introduced. As I was keen to experiment with various gadgetry, more firewood started to heap up than I was able to burn in my own fireplace.

So, I started selling the firewood.

I soon...

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