A universal machine for real men.

The all-purpose tool for hard workers

Optional 2/6

Standard 2/4

Joystick Pro / Pro+

Sawbar 15"

Conveyor 4,3m

Max. diameter 360mm

Spl. force 6 / 9 ton

PowerSpeed (Pro + model)

Available models: Ergo, Pro & Pro+. Pro+ model with the PowerSpeed cylinder.

The Palax KS 35 is one of the all-time customer favourites. The successor to this bestseller, the new generation Palax D360, focuses on practicality and technical features without compromising on the impressive design. The Palax D360 is more powerful and quicker to use. The reliable log presser has reached a new level of functionality, and the adjustable wood length stopper has also been improved. We improved the design of the safety net to facilitate steel maintenance and to increase channel visibility. The new Palax D360 has a 20% larger oil volume, which significantly decreases the oil temperature.


In terms of comfort of use, the Palax D360 is top of its class. It has been equipped with a 15" chainsaw, which enables logs as thick as 36 cm in diameter to be cut. The Palax D360 is an excellent choice for firewood processing, especially when the thickness of the logs varies. The quick, reliable input conveyor also makes hard work easier. The chainsaw´s automatic oiler lubricates the blade evenly during sawing, so you can always keep up the quick pace. Additionally, the machine is by default equipped with a rapid motion valve which helps split small logs quickly and slows down the bigger logs only during the initial splitting phase when more force is required. The splitting channel´s debris grate lets through any debris from splitting, leaving an end result of clean wood that is easy to dry. If you are looking for an all-purpose tool intended for hard workers, this is the one  and it comes in a compact package that is more efficient than ever.


Reliable log press
Adjustable log lenght stopperExcellent channel visibility
Easy blade maintenance
Excellent choice when log diameters vary
Automatically adjusting splitting force and speed
Automatic chainsaw lubrication
Quick connectors for a log deck
Hydraulic couplings for accessories

Because the Palax firewood processors are always delivered ready-assembled, they are quick and easy to put into operation. The in-feed conveyors and discharge conveyors of the machines are fitted with quick-releases. In addition, the discharge conveyor is equipped with a winch that enables the machine to be easily made ready for operation without the use of tools.

The advanced Palax firewood processors are fitted with a discharge conveyor with two chains with a completely open underside, which ensures the trouble-free processing of firewood. The conveyor can also be turned to the side, which maximises its capacity: you can allow the machine to continue its work by turning the discharge conveyor onto another trailer or a bag-packing stand, as the previous one fills up.