KS 35

Easy-to-operate, easy to handle.

15” chain-saw ready to use

Optional 2/6

Standard 2/4

Conveyor 4,3m

Joystic (S-models)

15" sawbar

Max. diameter 360mm

Cutting lenght 25-60cm

Weight Ergo 720/780kg

Weight S model 810/870kg

Available models: KS35 Ergo powered by a tractor (TR) or powered by electricity 7,5kW (SM) model.

KS 35S powered by a tractor (TR) or powered by electricity 7,5kW (SM) model.

Reliable member of Palax family. Palax KS35 is available in two models: easy-to-operate Ergo-model or with completely hydraulically controlled joystic-valve (S-model)

Thanks to the lateral path of motion of the crosscut handle on a level with the operator's pelvis instead of the traditional from up to down movement, the operating ergonomics of the KS 35 Ergo is excellent. This machine is the optimal choice where the diameter of the trees being processed varies a lot. The maximum cutting diameter is 35 cm. Thanks to the foldable conveyor, the machine fits in small space.

The chain-saw and the in-feed conveyor of the Palax KS 35s model are completely hydraulically controlled by an easy-to-operate joystick-valve. Hydraulic height position control of the splitting wedge. The speed of the splitting cylinder is determined by the automatic high-speed valve, which is a standard feature. Hydraulic quick-connectors are provided for external log-lifting deck.

Because the Palax firewood processors are always delivered ready-assembled, they are quick and easy to put into operation. The in-feed conveyors and discharge conveyors of the machines are fitted with quick-releases. In addition, the discharge conveyor is equipped with a winch that enables the machine to be easily made ready for operation without the use of tools.

The advanced Palax firewood processors are fitted with a discharge conveyor with two chains with a completely open underside, which ensures the trouble-free processing of firewood. The conveyor can also be turned to the side, which maximises its capacity: you can allow the machine to continue its work by turning the discharge conveyor onto another trailer or a bag-packing stand, as the previous one fills up.


A light-weight log deck and stand for slender trees to help the workman.
Pure firewood for even the most demanding taste.
Lifts the logs from the stack for sawing.
A powerful skidding grapple for transferring the trees.
The firewood in large bags for storage and sale.
Firewood in small bags for storage.
An effective and dependable method for cleaning even large amounts of wood.