A robust hydraulic splitter for productive teamwork.

The hydraulic splitter X1000 brings power and freedom of use for the contract work.

Spl. force 5,6 ton

Standard 2/4 adjustable

Saatavilla olevat mallit: TR/OHD, SM & PM (Honda)

The Palax X1000 with its 5.6-ton splitting force is a hydraulic splitter, designed for Nordic wood. The machine can be operated and adjusted from either side. The supports, included in the delivery, make it easier to work, in particular, with large logs, when one half can be left on top of the supports to await its turn.

The X1000 also includes a sturdy extension table, whilst a high-speed valve – which is a standard feature – increases the speed of the machine. This model can also be provided with a platform for transport on public roads.

Available: TR/OHD, SM & PM (Honda)

Because the Palax firewood processors are always delivered ready-assembled, they are quick and easy to put into operation. The in-feed conveyors and discharge conveyors of the machines are fitted with quick-releases. In addition, the discharge conveyor is equipped with a winch that enables the machine to be easily made ready for operation without the use of tools.


A powerful skidding grapple for transferring the trees.
The firewood in large bags for storage and sale.
Firewood in small bags for storage.