French know how to unleash the unrivalled firewood productivity with Palax

Palax Importer of the Year is Moyne Picard that has provided excellent customer service and engaged with Palax users in innovative ways under the coronavirus restrictions. One of their activities has been to take Palax firewood processors on a tour around France: in these small, regional events, firewood producers have learned first-hand how to operate the machines, the benefits of both Palax circular and chain saw models as well as how they can easily add efficiency to their firewood production.


Palax’s French importer Moyne Picard, founded in 1978, is one of the country’s leading providers in firewood processors and other forestry machinery. At the beginning, the company also manufactured skidding winches, but have already several years specialized entirely in the distribution business and after sales services.


Isabelle Massard, CEO, took over the company in 2013 with the intention to streamline the firewood processor portfolio. As a result, their market segment has expanded from semi-professional users and farmers to professional firewood producers.


“Our strategy is now to work and develop our service offering for the professional segment. Here, the Palax product range is essential, and perfectly matches for professional users”, says Isabelle.


Thriving in business despite challenges


Isabelle and her team have managed to keep an innovative mindset despite the challenges they face during the corona crisis. They have started increasingly using social media communications and digital media to engage with their customers.


Face-to-face meetings exist alongside online interaction – another successful practice has been to transform large-scale event participation to “micro events”. In accordance with national health and safety guidelines, Moyne Picard has limited the size of gatherings and organized a tour of small, open-air regional meetings. Guests, including both existing and new firewood producers in the region, have had the chance to explore in-depth and in practice how to process wood with Palax machines. This has allowed a more personalized experience, guided by Palax end users themselves at their own production line. Moyne Picard will continue the tour accross France in 2021 too.


One of the last year’s highlights was also the office relocation to Cessiu, locating in the Isère region, south-eastern France. At the same time, a new demonstration platform was introduced.


“The inauguration of our new premises gave our customers the opportunity to run the machines of our entire product portfolio as well as get to know our new team”, says Isabelle. “Additionally, we invited journalists from trade press and had a good coverage through various news articles to reach our users.”


Professional loggers prefer Palax circular saw firewood processors


In 2016, after changing their firewood processor representation from another brand to Palax, Moyne Picard has been able to widen their scope to circular saw machines that are extremely efficient for professional use. In this product range, Palax C1000 quickly became the preferred choice of French firewood professionals and the most sold flagship model of the product range.


“Professional firewood producers appreciate productivity, reliability and robustness of C1000”, Isabelle says.


In chain saw machines, Palax KS 45 and particularly the new Palax D410 have been popular. They are typically favored by professional or semi-professional users looking for a machine at a competitive price.


“Whatever the choice is between circular or chain saw machines, Palax brand represents a long-standing expertise and unique knowhow in the manufacturing of firewood processors. This allows us to easily ensure the quality of service, especially after-sales service, and a permanent commitment from the manufacturer and us towards the end users.”