Juhannus / Midsummer 2019

Klapintekijöiden on aika nauttia juhannussaunasta koivuvihtoineen! Keskikesän juhlan vuoksi tehtaamme on suljettu perjantaina 21.6., ja palaamme palvelukseenne entistä virkeimpinä jälleen maanantaina 24.6. Toivomme kaikille Palaxin yhteistyökumppaneille perheineen iloista juhannusta!


We are celebrating ”Midsummer” (“Juhannus”) on the upcoming weekend – this is the time when we traditionally go to our summer cottages, barbecue, enjoy sauna, have a few chilled beers and spend quality time with our family and friends. The preceding Friday is commonly a day off in Finland, and therefore also our factory will be closed on Friday, June 21. We are happy to be at your service again on Monday, June 24. Palax wishes a Happy Midsummer to all our partners and their families!