Palax firewood processors inspired loggers in Sweden

The wide range of Palax exhibits at SkogsElmia 2019 demonstrated how to unleash the full potential of firewood processing, addressing foremost efficiency, power and reliability. 


This article summarizes the feedback we received from importers and end users regarding Palax. Please also watch our event video to see our firewood processors in action!


Particularly C750, known for its processing speed, and D360, one of the most popular machines amongst Scandinavian contractors, sparked a great deal of interest thanks to live demonstrations. Svenn Anstensrund and Eugen Anstensrund from Vreten Norge AS, the company that imports logging machinery, saw these machines fitting well in their market:  


“Competition for firewood processors is fierce and local players dominate the chainsaw market. But when it comes to the circular saw blades, Palax is undeniably the best. Palax also stands out with the top-quality conveyor.”


Both consider that from the large number of Palax’ models they can offer everything to customers, and expect moderate sales growth.


“Despite it’s a challenge to drive growth in a mature market like in Norway, we are still looking to increase our market share with Palax.”


"The machines are very well built and renowned for their quality"


Different solutions for firewood processing – taking into account the type of wood, diameter of logs, processing speed, the methods of cutting – were portrayed also by stand-alone exhibits, from the most compact unit D270 (from the chain saw range) up to most efficient processor of large logs C1000 (from the circular blade range).


The preferred choice amongst the exhibits for Joe Litter from Oakleaf Forestry Ltd was C1000, along with C900, as it suits ideally for processing Sitka, the largest of the world’s spruces that are abundant in Ireland. He appreciates the functionality and the durability offered by Palax firewood processors.


“Palax suits everyone from part-time users and farmers to professional wood fuel producers. The machines are very well built and renowned for their quality. The modern design and new colour scheme has also appealed to our customers.”


During the last 10 years that Oakleaf Forestry has sold Palax, they have witnessed some major changes in the local forest and biomass industry.


“Now there are many new players and a plenty of alternatives choose from. Despite this, I see that Palax excels in all areas in terms of quality, delivery time and aftersales customer support.”


No need to sharpen the blade while making 1000 m3 of firewood!


During the fair, we also met end users who shared their feedback and experiences of Palax. One of them was Henrik Kjellberg whose company Kjellberg Trading Oy Ab is building timber docks filled with stones on the Finnish coastline.


For over two decades, Henrik Kjellberg has produced firewood mainly for his family and neighbors. He owns two Palax Power 70 machines.


“First I had a firewood processor from another manufacturer, and then changed to Palax. Palax has been a better choice.”


In the peak years, his firewood production reached a thousand cubic meters. Kjellberg says that he didn’t even need to sharpen the circular saw blade while producing this amount of firewood a year.


“I have no complaints. It has been great working with Palax machines.”