Grab on!

Let's get the job done.

Machines that will satisfy any workman.

Accessories for firewood processors

Consistent quality firewood automatically.
Taking the firewood out without breaking the bag.
An effective and dependable method for cleaning even large amounts of wood.
Collect the sawdust, using the aspirator.
Firewood in small bags for storage.
A heavy-duty log deck, even for active use.
A robust log deck for large trees for real workmen.
Lifts the logs from the stack for sawing.
The Palax Driver is a lightweight and robust yet dependable and safe assistant for many different needs.
A light-weight log deck and stand for slender trees to help the workman.
Pure firewood for even the most demanding taste.

The customer is demanding.

Therefore, the firewood vendor must invest in quality and punctuality of delivery."


The operation of Klapukauppa began in a slightly candid manner in 2003, when I was still employed as a mechanic by Terästakomo, and the new model, the Palax 70, was introduced. As I was keen to experiment with various gadgetry, more firewood started to heap up than I was able to burn in my own fireplace.

So, I started selling the firewood.

I soon...

Terra Patris Oy has updated the strategy of its firewood processor business to better respond to the changed market...
Palax would like to thank their Scottish importer Caledonian Forestry Services Ltd for many years of cooperation. For...
Ylistaron Terästakomo Oy has signed a cooperation agreement with A-K Maskiner AS , a Norwegian supplier of agricultural...
08.10.2020 to 10.10.2020

Konekilleri kokoaa karjataloutta tukevia yrityksiä sekä puunkäsittelyyn tarkoitettuja tuotteita saman katon alle. Palax löytyy Paviljongin ulkoalueelta osaltolta U200 - tule katsomaan työnäytöksiä...