A fast and maintenance-free circular saw blade maximizes productivity

 Take advantage of the circular saw 
Speed, ease and maximum work efficiency for firewood production



Faster work cycle
30% faster cutting compared to a chainsaw

Long service intervals
 The blade maintenance interval for a chainsaw can be e.g. every 2 days or every 20 cubes, for a circular saw every 1000 cubes or several years

Palax D410 firewood processor.

The robust Palax D410 is a heavy-duty firewood processor

Palax D410 is a chainsaw machine that splits 40 cm thick logs up to a force of 13 tons. The machine is best suited for a professional and semi-professional who processes logs of large and variable diameter. Thanks to its easy portability, it is also perfect for a contractor who travels from one job site to another. Palax D410 is available either as a tractor powered or a hybrid (tractor/electric motor).

The Palax D410 machine has an efficient 16″ sawbar with automatic lubrication. A three-speed intelligent PowerSpeed splitting cylinder automatically recognizes the required splitting force and speed: the result is up to 30% faster work cycle. The factory-installed X-Aim automatic splitting blade height adjustment is available as an additional accessory.

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Familiarize yourself with the user experiences of Palax customers

Virpi Laitamäki making firewood with Palax C750.2 Ergo.

Virpi makes her firewood with the Palax C750.2 Ergo

Virpi Laitamäki makes birch firewood with the tractor-powered Palax C750.2 circular saw machine. “Palax is the Mercedes-Benz of firewood processors. I have been very satisfied with the machine,” says Virpi.

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JSM Ved making firewood with Palax Chain Saw machines.

Palax chainsaw  machines in use at JSM Ved

“Excellent machines from the factory and good customer service from both the importer and the dealer have been important to us,” say Johan Press and Martin Grenegård.

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News stories and customer reference cases

Palax together with Sampo Kaulanen, Hankkija and Espegard implemented Nightly Night´s Klapiaaset for the second time on June 11-12, 2024
Due to the Christmas holidays our factory is closed week 52. Attached is the Palax team's Christmas video greeting!
In the Baltic countries, where making firewood is truly professional, the Palax circular saw firewood processors get to real contract work. Read about the two Baltic Palax end customers.