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The best firewood processor

for demanding professional use

The Palax firewood processors are the best choice for professionals. They are known for their quality, durability and ease of use - explore our machines and accessories through our product catalog. Various languages available!


Increase productivity of firewood processors: with X-Aim, you get consistent quality firewood automatically - read more!




Just the right machine for the job at hand

Palax machines are for real workmen, who appreciate loyalty, strength and intelligibility. Anyone can find an ideal companion from our wide range of products.


Focus on firewood processors

Palax's dedicated focus is on the designing, manufacturing and development of firewood processors. Thanks to our experience spanning over half a century, we can really manage this job, pledging that each seam and detail is in order.

The customer is demanding.

Therefore, the firewood vendor must invest in quality and punctuality of delivery."


The operation of Klapukauppa began in a slightly candid manner in 2003, when I was still employed as a mechanic by Terästakomo, and the new model, the Palax 70, was introduced. As I was keen to experiment with various gadgetry, more firewood started to heap up than I was able to burn in my own fireplace.

So, I started selling the firewood.

I soon...

Agro Traders , a Norwegian importer of forestry, agricultural and construction machinery, founded in 1992, has started...
The firewood emperor Jyrki Jokinen from Ruovesi, Finland, makes about 1300 loose cubes of firewood per year. He has...
The family-run business “Veljekset Parkkonen" makes Finnish A1 class birch firewood under the brand "Lennun klapi" with...
13.10.2022 to 15.10.2022

Palax on mukana Suomen suurimmassa maatalouskoneiden sisämessussa 13.-15. lokakuuta Helsingin Messukeskuksessa. Olemme jälleenmyyjämme Hankkijan osastolla 1a2 esittelemässä Suomen markkinoiden...