The Palax factory in Ylistaro has been part of the lives of professional firewood producers for 70 years. Originally designed for forestry and fieldwork, the products evolved over time, and from a one-man small business, a group emerged that now profiles itself as one of the world’s leading firewood processor manufacturers.

We believe that every Palax user has a unique and interesting story to tell. Therefore, we ask you to share your memories, photos and videos with us, whether they are from the days of the Ylistaro Steel Forge decades ago or from last year’s firewood processing.

Send your story with your contact information to, or mail it directly to the factory mailbox at Lahdentie 9, 61400 Ylistaro.

As a thank you for your participation, we will draw a fabulous prize at the end of the year. By sharing your Palax story, you automatically enter the draw. We will be publishing stories throughout the year on both social media and our website, so please let us know if you do not want your name to be made public.

Your Palax story is more than just a nostalgic journey into the past – by sharing your experiences, you become part of Palax’s rich history!