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TOP5 Recommended spare parts and maintenance tips

1. Splitting valve

Trouble-free operation of the splitting valve is essential when using a firewood processor.

The movement of the valve’s lever must not be heavy, but the lever and thereby the valve stem must move very sensitively so that the spring forces of the valve can move the stem.

The valve should be greased to prevent rusting

Remove the protective screw and lubricate the locking end of the splitting valve and spool shifter. Use plenty of gun oil or an oily spray for lubrication (but not vaseline spray, which becomes stiff in the cold) and let the excess oil drain away. In professional use, the maintenance interval is recommended every 2 weeks.

Splitting valve lubrication

2. V-belts


The role of V-belts is important in circular saw machines, as they transmit power to the firewood processor: both to the pumps that regulate the oil flow and pressure, and to the circular saw blade itself.

Check the condition of V-belts and tensioners

The Palax C1000 and C900 circular saw machines have spring-tensioned V-belts that maintain the correct tension according to the load.

The Palax C750 and the old, discontinued Palax circular saw machines have mechanical V-belts; their correct tension and the operation of the tensioners should be checked from time to time. The tension of the V-belts can be tested by hand: the belt should move a maximum of one centimeter.

In all circular saw machines, it is necessary to take care that the V-belts and tensioners are in good condition and not excessively worn.

Adjusting the mechanical V-belts

3. Filter cartridges


When the oil remains clean and impurities are filtered out, the firewood processor’s hydraulics work reliably and increase the machine’s service life.

Remember to change the oil

Change the oil and filters once a year. Please pay attention that you put the oil filter on properly.

At the same time in the PTO and PTO/electric powered firewood processor models, also change the oils of the power transmission, i.e. the oils of the angular gear and multiplier gear attached to the tractor’s PTO shaft.

Oil filter change

4. Cutting blades


Sharpen the circular saw blade every 1000 m³ 

When the circular blade is sharpened regularly, it also saves V-belts. The general recommendation for professional use is to sharpen the blade every 1000 m³.

In chain saw machines, the saw chain and chain saw bar must be serviced at regular intervals

A dull blade and a damaged chain saw bar slow down firewood production and cause many problems in the use of the firewood processor. Regular sharpening and tightening of the saw chain reduces bar wear. At the same time, you should monitor the sufficiency of the chain oil: if there is not enough oil, the chain stretches, causing more and more tensioning needs, and eventually breaks. Replace the worn saw chain with a new one.

Circular saw blade inspection

5. Belt of the in-feed conveyor


Belt alignment

The in-feed conveyor belt rotates between two rollers. When the firewood processor is running, the belt starts to rotate, and you can then visually check that the belt’s alignment runs straight. A poorly adjusted belt can go crooked, causing the belt to stretch and wear at the edges, which also worsens the supply of logs for cutting.

The tension of the belt

The tension of the belt is good when it rises by 5 centimeters. Tighten or loosen the adjustment as needed. The adjustment screw for the front roller is at the belt’s front end and for the rear roller at the rear end.

In-feed conveyor belt's inspection

See also our other maintenance videos on Palax’s YouTube channel.

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