Agro Traders is the new importer of Palax in Norway

Agro Traders, a Norwegian importer of forestry, agricultural and construction machinery, founded in 1992, has started cooperation with the Palax factory in August 2022 after the former importer A-K Maskiner went bankrupt. Agro Traders sells Palax firewood processors in Norway through a dealer network that includes around 30 stores around Norway.

“We are very happy that we have been chosen as the Palax importer. We have decided to work hard to further strengthen Palax’s strong position in the Norwegian market,” says Egil Ruud Hofstad, Palax Product Manager at Agro Traders.

Egil Ruud Hofstad highlights Palax’s strength in its product range, which includes both chain saw and circular saw machines. Firewood processors are in high demand on the Norwegian market due to the high price of electricity.

“For example, a circular saw machine equipped with X-Aim is unique in that it is a very fast, user-friendly machine that requires little maintenance,” he says. “Customers also appreciate Palax’s long experience and expertise in machine manufacturing, which is reflected in excellent and reliable products. We look forward to serving our customers in the best possible way with Palax machines.”

Agro Traders and Palax team: Arne Roed, Egil Hofstad and Mika Joensuu.

Arne Røed ja Egil Ruud Hofstad (Agro Traders) sekä Mika Joensuu (Palax).

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