Componen problems of the Palax X-Aim machines

For the time being, Palax’s X-Aim-equipped firewood processors cannot be delivered due to component problems. Initially, the problem was the availability of the components, and then their non-functioning: in the tests carried out by the factory, it was found that the new ECUs and touch encoders coming from the supplier have changed and are now incompatible with each other. X-Aim machines cannot be delivered without these most essential X-Aim components. It requires the factory’s special expertise to connect the ECU inside the machine to the sensors and touch screen with a wiring harness. Therefore, the X-Aim machines that are delivered in the near future will remain at the customer’s choice either at the factory waiting for functioning components, or these machines will be delivered from the factory without X-Aim functionality. We therefore ask customers, who are currently waiting for their X-Aim machines to arrive, to confirm their choice through their dealer to the factory as soon as possible. The machines left waiting at the factory cannot be delivered until at least the next month, and it is not possible to estimate when the solution to the component problems is fixed. The Palax factory has complained about the matter to the component supplier and apologizes for the unpleasant situation to its customers who are waiting for their X-Aim machines.

A finger on the Palax X-Aim's touch encoder.

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