Firewood business in Baltic countries

Our Estonian end customer Kroonipüü has been making firewood for 15 years. Previously, chain saw machines were used to make firewood until the first Palax circular saw blade machine was purchased through Autra Oü in 2019. Since then, the number of machines has increased, and now Kroonipüü has 9 Palax circular saw machines: 2 x C100.2, 2 x C900.2 and 5 x C750.2. Firewood is made by 62 employees in two shifts. Kroonipüü Oü produces about 60,000 cubic meter of firewood a year, of which 50% is alder and 50% birch. Kroonipüü exports to Dubai, USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia, where most of the firewood goes.


The second end customer is located in Latvia. Woodmill has been making firewood for the past 15 years and produces about 30,000 cubic meter of firewood a year, of which is 100% birch.

The company only has Palax circular saw machines, of which there are now 11: 5 x Power 70, 3 x C750.2 and 2 x C900. Each firewood processor is in its own cabin, which makes it possible to cut wood regardless of the weather. The life cycle of the machine is also significantly extended when it is protected from the weather. Firewood is mechanically dried in large dryers before delivery to the customer. The oldest machines are from 2006, and according to a careful calculation, about 85,000 loose cubic meter of wood has been made with these machines. The operators working on contract salary focus only on firewood production, so not much time is spent on machine maintenance. Firewood is made throughout the year, about eight hours a day, so maintenance-free Palax circular saw machines are extremely remarkable in this firewood factory. Woodmill mainly sells all firewood to the United States. In the Baltics, the machine’s owner and user are often different people, so the durability and longevity of the Palax firewood processors even in hard work is very important.

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