In Jukka Viljanen’s farm, the firewood processor has always been Palax

With the help of the Palax C750 circular saw machine, Jukka made about 1000 cubic meters of firewood this spring too. Jukka Viljanen started selling firewood in the early 2000s. The first Palax firewood processors, Palax Power 70 and Palax Power 70s, arrived at Viljanen’s farm in 2003. The current Palax C750 Pro+ is already the third Palax machine and has been on the farm for three years.

The demand of firewood is high not only among regular customers, but also among new buyers. Customers usually buy 2-4 cubics of firewood at once. Corona has not affected the sale of firewood; it has been the same as before.

This spring, people can also buy freshly chopped firewood from Viljanen’s farm, which they can then dry and move to shelter on their own.

In Jukka Viljanen’s opinion, the best thing about the Palax C750 firewood procerror is its speed. “You can’t get a machine as fast as Palax anywhere else”, he says. For him, the added value given by the machine is precisely its speed and efficiency.

This spring, there are five large 15-meter-long firewood piles in the yard of Viljanen’s farm, each containing about 250 cubic meters of firewood.

The firewood is stacked on high piles. The tunnel of the pile is built with the help of metal supports, beams and forklift trucks. A stack of firewood is driven over the forklift pallets. In spring, firewood dries quickly, thanks to the sun and the spring winds. The drying is accelerated by a fan that locates under the pile. In this spring 2021, making firewood started on March 15, and the job ended the week after Easter.

When the firewood is done, Jukka takes care of the firewood processor by blowing away the wood debris and washing and lubricating the machine, after which the Palax C750 goes into storage to wait for the next season.

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