Making firewood through the nightless night

This year, the job was carried out  with the  following Palax line: Palax Midi – solidly built log table, Palax C750.2 Pro+ TR SM equipped with X-aims – our fastest circular saw machine, and Palax Cleaner – powerful firewood cleaner. In addition to this, we used a D360 chainsaw machine, as well as a Palax Deck 2.0 and Palax Packers for packing firewood. The finished firewood was packed in Espegard’s large sacks and small sacks. A truck load of trees were made during the night, from which 1880 pieces 60 l bags were obtained.

We invested even more in the event this year, and we were also accompanied by special expert Klapikeisari Jyrki Jokinen, who acted as a commentator during the all-night live broadcast. The energetic junior football players from Kolari Kontio assisted with packing throughout the night.

Watch the video summary of the Klapiaaset!

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