Palax circular saw machines for maximum productivity in firewood production in Estonia

Kõpu Puit OÜ is a major Estonian firewood producer that relies on Palax in its production: the equipment consists of two Power 70 machines from the previous Palax circular saw machine range and one C750 and two C1000 machines from the current range. The firewood processors are each located in their own “cottages”, where it is possible to make firewood in any weather all year round. The company’s 15 employees, who are paid on a piece-rate basis, make as many as 60,000 loose cubic meters of firewood per year. Firewood is bagged in small sacks or metal and wooden cages. For export to Scandinavia, Great Britain and Germany firewood goes dried, and to homeland Estonia mostly fresh.

Almar Puit OÜ uses one C750 and three C900 circular saw machines in their firewood production – the fourth C900 will be delivered from the factory later this year. They have also had chainsaw machines from other manufacturers, but the employees no longer agree to make firewood with machines other than Palax, because the difference between a circular blade and a chainsaw is significant when it comes to productivity and thus piece rate pay: thanks to the circular blade, they calculate that they get up to 30-50% better income. There are thirty employees who make 20,000 cubic meters of firewood per year. The picture shows how two women pack firewood into small sacks: they make a total of over a thousand firewood sacks in one day. Annually, 300,000 sacks are produced. Almar Puit also makes good use of the sawdust that comes as a byproduct of firewood production, which they sell to the local heating plant.

Autra OÜ, the importer of Palax, has done a lot of work to make circular saw machines known in Estonia. Autra is known for its excellent customer service, as Sales Director Tauno Sillaste makes sure that the machines are working when they are delivered to the customer, and at the same time gives service and maintenance tips. Thanks to Autra’s work, many Estonian firewood manufacturers have changed their chainsaws to circular saw machines: with a circular blade, sawing is faster and blade maintenance intervals are significantly longer, which leads to the best productivity of firewood processors.

Palax firewood processors make firewood in Estonia.

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