Three sisters, one employer

Oona-Amanda Somppi, Sini-Pipsa Somppi and Ella-Noora Somppi work in harmony at the TP Silva factory in Ylistaro. During the summer, the sisters have made each other work-travel and coffee company.

“I think it’s nice that we all do completely different jobs here, but you can see each other during the breaks,” says Oona-Amanda, who has a degree in logistics. She heard about the job opportunity from her sister Sini-Pipsa and was able to start working with the spare parts and warehouse team in June. Duties include, for example, packing spare parts, managing the warehouse, and loading and unloading loads. “The work is versatile and varied, which keeps the interest up”, Oona-Amanda sums up her job description and continues, “the work team is top notch, the whole factory!”

Ella-Noora and Sini-Pipsa, who have completed their studies in merconomics, also work in different subject areas at the factory. Ella-Noora has been working in the assembly for four months after a colleague recommended her to the company. “The best thing about my job is my colleagues, and the fact that you can see your own handprint in the work itself,” she says. Ella-Noora is also happy that she has been able to spend the summer working with her sisters.

Sini-Pipsa, who works as a Financial Assistant, joined the company in 2021, when she completed an internship and demonstration work at TP Silva. After this, the woman has worked remotely alongside her studies, and on-site for two summers. Sini-Pipsa, who is about to return to the university of applied sciences, praises not only the great work team, but also the fact that you constantly learn something new at work. She intends to continue working remotely from Turku.

Three sisters under the same roof

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