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Palax splitting wedges

What size logs for firewood?

The type of timber you mainly work with for firewood determines the most suitable firewood processor and, with it, also the most suitable splitting wedges. The standard blade that comes with the Palax firewood processor is either 2/4 or 2/6, which means you can split logs into either two, four or six parts. Other splitting wedges are also available as accessories for firewood processors. The splitting blade can be changed in a few seconds using the quick release.

Palax firewood processors and log thickness

The fast and maintenance-free Palax circular saw machines are suitable for operators who cut logs of roughly the same size class, with a diameter of max. 30 cm (C750), 37 cm (C900) or 40 cm (C1000). Palax chainsaw machines are best suited for operators who work with logs of various size, with a diameter of max. 36 cm (D360), 38 cm (D410) or 45 cm (KS 45S).

Machine-specific blade options

Black splitting wedges (2/0-2/12) are suitable for Palax D410, KS 45S and C1000 firewood processors. Red splitting wedges (2/0-2/8) are suitable for D360, C750 and C900 firewood processors.

X-Aim machines have their own blades

If you order the factory-installed X-Aim accessory for the firewood processor, you also need X-Aim-compatible splitting wedges. This is because the sides of the splitting wedge of the X-Aim machines must have notches, with the help of which the sensors recognize the correct height of the log and know how to measure the split automatically in the middle of the log.



Black splitting wedges: D410, KS 45s and C1000

Red splitting
wedges: D360, C750 and C900

X-Aim-compatible wedges: notches on the side