Palax Puru

A clean, sawdust-free working environment 

The Palax Puru sawdust aspirator keeps the surroundings of the firewood processor clean and tidy. At the same time, the operator can collect the sawdust in one place which allows the sawdust to be used in a proper way. Please note that the connectors of the aspirator for the firewood processors are different for each machine model, and must be ordered separately.

Smart use for sawdust

Wood cut with a circular saw blade produces the cleanest sawdust, for example for farm animal bedding. Wood cut with a chainsaw may contain some chain oil, but the sawdust can be used in other applications, for example for heating plants.

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See also

Palax Cleaner

Palax Cleaner easily removes wood debris while the firewood rotate in the cleaning drum.

Palax Roller

The firewood can be transferred to the Palax Roller either as a continuation of the production line or directly from the sack or front loader. This enables re-screening of the dry firewood, if necessary.

Palax Deck 2.0

The right choice for a light log deck from where the logs can be fed by hand from the working height. It is well suited for contracting, as the log rack can handle large quantities of logs, up to six cubic meters, and is easy to move.