Palax Cleaner

The cleaning drum is an effective wood debris remover

In the Palax Cleaner, the firewood rotates in the cleaning drum like in a washing machine, which removes wood debris easily and very efficiently. Cleaner is best suited for screening less than 50 cm long firewood. Palax Cleaner is usually used with one firewood processor, but it is also suited for joint use of several firewood processors. Palax Cleaner can be powered with either an electric motor or tractor hydraulics.

Available accessories

The discharge conveyor is a popular accessory for the Palax Cleaner, because it easily guides the firewood to a high platform. The discharge conveyor is almost always included in all of our pictures presenting the Palax Cleaner and at trade fairs, where we are demonstrating the use of Cleaner. Another possible accessory is a divider for filling two sacks (see the drawing).

Why clean firewood?

Cleaning the firewood is important so that it will dry more easily, burn cleaner and have a more uniform appearance. Loose wood debris can be used as kindling.

User manuals

See also

Palax Puru

Palax Puru keeps the surroundings of the firewood processor clean and tidy.

Palax Roller

The firewood can be transferred to the Palax Roller either as a continuation of the production line or directly from the sack or front loader. This enables re-screening of the dry firewood, if necessary.

Palax Midi

Palax Midi is at its best in scalability: it feeds both large-sized and short logs under 2 m, when you choose an extra chain beam as an accessory. The in-feed table holds eight cubic meters of wood.