From a smoke sauna’s workshop to a firewood processor factory

Lauri Viitamäki founded the Terästakomo company in 1954 in the village of Viitala in Ylistaro, Finland, where he started as a village blacksmith in a workshop built in a smoke sauna.

The first products served the needs of farmers in agriculture and forestry. In 1959, the first firewood processor was introduced.

From the very beginning, the vision of being a forerunner has inspired the company’s development. Today, we profile ourselves as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of firewood processors.

70 years of leadership in firewood processors

Today, our factory has 70 years of pioneering expertise in developing and manufacturing Palax firewood processors and related accessories.

Our factory is located in the picturesque landscape near the river bank, and reminds us of our history and our proximity to the countryside and local Finnish nature.

With the pride of local knowledge, we have already manufactured more than 100,000 Palax firewood processors and accessories for firewood production professionals in over 30 countries. The entire manufacturing chain, from start to finish, is in our own hands. Modern equipment, professional staff, team-based assembly and the latest know-how guarantee the quality and efficiency of our production. Our global distribution network offers service and support in several different languages.

Palax is the professionals’ number one choice

Our core values of honesty, entrepreneurship, customer appreciation, openness, respect for personnel and sustainable development are reflected in our top-quality products. The Palax firewood processors are known for their robustness, reliability and ease of use – they are a perfect choice for anyone who requires ultimate productivity for demanding professional use. Above all, Palax machines retain their value well.

Palax is now part of TP Silva Oy

In 2020, Ylistaron Terästakomo Oy merged into TP Silva Oy, which is part of the domestic multi-industry group Terra Patris. The Palax brand will remain a strong and respected brand in the new company’s product portfolio in the future as well.

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