Ken Roussoun from Canada makes his firewood with Palax KS 45S

Ken Rousson from Canada has a long expertise in firewood production. Not long after retiring and selling his old business “Ken’s firewood”, he decided he wanted to keep going and set up a new business “Mr. Firewood”.

First, he started with Palax D360 Pro+ (for logs up to 36 cm in diameter) and Midi log deck. To process larger wood, he soon upgraded to Palax KS 45S processor (for logs up to 45 cm in diameter).

Nowadays, he has invested in optimizing the production line even more: with Palax Roller, he can efficiently shake off debris with vibrating rollers, and produce high-quality firewood that dries faster. He also has a Palax Power (PTO) pack to keep the production equipment compact to fit inside a temporary building.

“I’ve been very happy with Palax machines that I own. I chose Palax for high quality equipment and excellent service from Hakmet.”

Palax Midi log table in Canada

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