Maximum productivity with Palax chainsaw-equipped firewood processors in Karlstad, Sweden

Johan Press and Martin Grenegård from Karlstad, Sweden, established their firewood business JSM Ved in 2012 together with a third colleague. Since 2015, they have run the company themselves while also taking care of their day job. They produce from 1500 to 2000 cubic meters of firewood a year.

Johan and Martin have always been loyal to Palax chainsaw-equipped firewood processors. First, they invested in a Palax KS 35S processor which they later exchanged to a KS 40 model with a larger cutting diameter. At the same time, they also upgraded their production line with a Mega Log Table and a Palax Cleaner drum.

Thanks to Palax Cleaner, Johan and Martin from JSM Ved have received very positive feedback from their customers regarding clean wood. One of JSM Ved’s customers told them that out of the 40m3 of firewood they bought, they got only one bag of debris.

Four Palax firewood processors feed the same Palax Cleaner

In 2017, Johan and Martin expanded their production capacity with a new firewood processor: the choice was familiar to them from their previous experience, the Palax KS 35S machine. A couple of years later, they bought a third machine for their production line; this was also one of their old favorites, a KS 40 machine.

In 2020, they exchanged their older generation’s KS 40 machine to a brand-new D360 Pro+.  Furthermore, they extended their production capacity by acquiring yet another firewood processor, a used KS 35S machine, and a Midi log table. Now, they can run in parallel a total of four Palax chainsaw-equipped firewood processors – D360, KS 40 and two KS 35S machines – that all feed firewood to the same Palax Cleaner and the sack stand.

“The choice to use Palax machines has not been difficult. Excellent machines from the factory and great customer service from both importer and retailer have been essential to us”, say Johan and Martin.

Johan says that they acquire all logs from an external supplier, and it is from 85% to 90% of birch. He estimates that 80% of the firewood is used for wood fuel and 20% for boilers. When producing firewood for wood fuel, Johan and Martin hire two more persons so that they can run all four machines at the same time and benefit from maximum productivity. When producing wood for boilers, they run the machines just themselves, and produce around 10 cubic meters of firewood per hour on two men.

Palax Firewoodprocessor JSM VED

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