New Palax importer for France

Mary Agri, specialized in the distribution of forest machinery, is the new importer of Palax firewood processors and accessories in France.

“We are happy and proud to represent Palax, which we want to re-introduce to the market in the right way with the help of our professional sales and after-sales team”, says CEO Félix Mary.

He sees simplicity, reliability and performance as the strengths of Palax firewood processors. Both farmers who use Palax part-time and professionals who make firewood full-time can easily maintain their machines themselves.

“Palax is also one of the best firewood processors on the market in terms of speed and work efficiency.”

Félix Mary sees the strength of his company’s success in the forestry machine brands he represents, which he describes as the best in Europe. The company has also invested heavily in its machinery stock which is particularly useful in times of crisis when demand is high. In addition, they put effort into their team’s professional expertise and customer service skills, and recently, an additional expert has been hired for their service team.

Mika Joensuu, Export Manager at the Palax factory, is very satisfied with the new importer.

“Palax products have a long history of more than 20 years in France. We are pleased to have found a new dynamic partner in France with a good dealer network and a professional service, spare parts and sales team. The goal is to increase Palax sales and develop products in the long term together with a competent partner, Mary Agri.”

Team Mary Agri and Team Palax.
Team Mary Agri Attending Palax Training in December 2022.

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