Palax C750.2 firewood processor makes A1 class “Lennun klapi” firewood

The family-run business “Veljekset Parkkonen” makes Finnish A1 class birch firewood under the brand “Lennun klapi” with electrically powered Palax C750.2 firewood processor in Kyyjärvi, Central Finland. The Pro+ model circular saw machine is one of the fastest firewood processors on the market, with a PowerSpeed cylinder that automatically detects the required splitting force and speed, and a factory-installed X-Aim automatic splitting wedge height adjustment.

“The Palax C750.2 is an efficient machine. The circular blade is the best, fast and maintenance-free. X-Aim even speeds up firewood production”, say Leena and Sakari Parkkonen.

This year, Lennun Klapi has made a record sale, about 5,000 loose cubic meters of firewood, and they keep getting new orders. They usually make their wood from 10-20 cm thick logs, and the normal work rate for firewood production is 60 solid cubes in 20 hours. The company employs a total of six people in making and bagging of firewood. Firewood is sold both to the domestic HalpaHalli retail chain and directly to consumers through their own online store. In addition, Veljekset Parkkonen supplies woodchips to heating plants.

Lennun Klapi ja Palax C750.2 klapikone Finnmetkossa.

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