Palax D410 is the choice of Seamus Ward from Ireland

Seamus Ward along with his father and son operate S&J Manufacturing Ltd. in County Louth, Ireland. They are a very busy wholesale firewood and smokeless fuel supplier to a wide range of retail outlets all over the country.

Seamus had been running a Palax KS 35S since 2012 and recently decided it was time for an upgrade. “We had used the KS 35S for so long and it hasn’t given us any problems so when it came to change we were very happy to stay with the Palax family.”

Seamus and his father came to visit Oakleaf Forestry to look at the other Palax options and they quickly settled on the new Palax D410Pro+.

“We looked at the other machines on display and decided the D410 was the right machine for us, the KS 35 always did what we needed but we thought we might get a little extra benefit from to the bigger crosscut capacity and increased splitting force. Overall we are delighted with the machine, it’s very fast and very strong and this one has the optional electric power option so we can use it in the factory on mains power or outside on the tractor.”

Seamus Ward with Palax D410 firewood processor

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