SIA Baltic Timber from Latvia is very satisfied with the productivity of Palax machines

SIA Baltic Timber Company, locating in the town of Rēzekne in Eastern Latvia, produces 15,000 m3 of firewood with Palax firewood processors a year. In addition to their two Palax Power 70 s circular saw machines, they have a new Palax C750 Pro+.

“We use Palax machines because of their robust construction and frame reliability. We are very happy with their productivity, especially with the C750 Pro+ that has the PowerSpeed cylinder for extra splitting speed”, says the company owner Guntis Arbidans (in the picture).

He also appreciates the fast hard metal blade and its maintenance interval; he sharpens the blade every other month which translates roughly to every thousand cubic meters. In addition, he sees value in the fact that Palax machines are easy to understand and if necessary, he can also repair them by himself.

SIA Baltic Timber's Owner Guntis Arbidans Is Happy With His Palax C750 Firewood Processor.

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