Stefan Saller from Germany has a mobile C1000 firewood production line

Stefan Saller started his own firewood business a year ago. A hard-working young man has already managed to build up a customer base and makes usually from 30 to 240 of solid cubic meters of firewood per assignment.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, he explored the options from several firewood processor manufacturers and found Palax at Oswald Agrartechnik. He was impressed by the Palax C1000 Pro+ demonstration and acquired the machine together with the Palax log table and Palax Roller.

As his business is based on making firewood both stationary as well as onsite at customer locations, Oswald Agrartechnik tailored the setup to fit a trailer: now, it’s one of the largest mobile firewood production line in the Bavarian region. Stefan has been very happy with Palax. Next, he plans to further develop his business and invest in a new tractor.


Palax C1000 Stefan Saller Germany

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