The tour “from stumps to firewood” presents how to make firewood with Palax

Palax is prominently involved in its Finnish dealer Hankkija’s forest machine tour, “From stumps to firewood”, which has already become a tradition in Finland. At the end of 2022, the demo days of the tour were held all over Northern Finland, and in the beginning of 2023, they have taken place in Western Finland (Pori), Southwest Finland (Turku and Somero) as well as widely in Eastern Finland (Iisalmi, Kuopio, Joensuu, Kouvola, Lappeenranta and Savonlinna).

Fast and easy firewood production with Palax

The Palax collection’s C750.2 with a circular saw blade is one of the fastest firewood processors on the market, and also the most visible Palax machine on the tour. Why it has been selected to star the tour?

“Entrepreneurs want to make firewood both quickly and in large quantities, which is why the C750 is the desired machine in Finland. In addition, we stand out with a circular saw machine, because many other manufacturers only have chainsaw machines on display. When I let the customer make firewood with the C750 machine on our demo days, they say that it is a fast machine, and ask when they can get one if they order it now,” says Johanna Harju, Sales Manager of the Palax factory, about the feedback she has received.

In Kuopio, Joensuu and Iisalmi, there has been also the Palax D410 machine next to the C750. Both firewood processors have been Pro+ models equipped with X-Aim.

“The automatic splitting wedge height adjustment, provided by X-Aim, is of great interest to customers, and that’s why our demonstration machines are usually always X-Aim models. It’s also good when we can present both circular and chainsaw machines side by side, as then you can also show the differences between the models. Both models have their own advantages and a solid fanbase.”

Durability and resale value are Palax’s strengths

The best part of the demo days is when the factory representative gets to meet the end customers, and the customers can also exchange the best firewood tips with each other. From customers, Palax machines receive special praise for their durability and very good resale value.

“One man said that thanks to his Palax Logsplit 60 machine, he even won a Koskenkorva vodka bottle in a bet, when the neighbor didn’t believe in Logsplit’s effectiveness,” says Johanna. The hydraulic log splitter Palax Logsplit 60 was already on the market in the late-90s, and its latest version, the X600, was discontinued just a few years ago.

In the spring, the last “from stumps to firewood” event will take place in Kokkola on March 31. In the fall, the tour will take the Palax firewood processors to both southern and northern Finland, all the way above the Arctic Circle.

The most important Finnish trade fairs 2023 where you can get to know Palax machines:

  • Proforest in Kalajoki from 12th to 13th of May
  • Prosilva in Joensuu from 8th to 9th of September
  • Koneagria in Tampere from 12th to 14th of October


Palax C750.2 Pro+ model is one of the fastest firewood processors on the market.

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