Virpi found the firewood processor of her dreams in the Palax collection

The circular saw machine is easy and effortless to use

When the whole summer was spent just making firewood with a hydraulic log splitter, Virpi Laitamäki decided to get herself a decent firewood processor. While comparing different machine options online, she came across Palax.

“I noticed very quickly that I took a fancy to the Mercedes-Benz of firewood processors, Palax. I thought it was the best machine.”

When Virpi got to see the machine at Palax’s dealer Hankkija, she said it looked huge, much bigger than the tractor she had thought to use it with. But it just so happened that Palax had taken the woman’s heart, and she walked out of the store as a happy owner of the Palax C750.2 Ergo model.

“My dad also told me that with that you’ll going to make your whole year’s firewood in a day! I said that well, that’s a good thing, I have the other days left for some other fun hobby.”

The circular saw blade is fast and can tolerates  dirtier wood

Virpi likes that the circular saw machine is fast and its maintenance intervals are longer than those of the chainsaw machine. In addition, the circular saw blade tolerates well also cutting dirtier wood without getting dull. The firewood processor’s controls also make it easy and effortless to use the machine.

Virpi had never used a firewood processor before. She learned everything in the operating instructions.

“In the user manual, I read how to assemble the machine ready for use as well as how to use it and maintain it. The use has also gone quite well. They are really good instructions.”

Virpi Laitamäki is very pleased with her Palax C750.2 circular saw machine.

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