Palax C750

Speed up your work

The new king of its size class

Optional 2/6

Standard 2/4

Conveyor 4,3m

Hydr. joystic

Cutting lenght 25-55cm

11 kW / 25 A

4/6 tn

Max. 30 cm

4,5 s. Ergo, Pro, 3,5 s. Pro+

Hard-metal blade 750mm


In-feed conveyor 20 x 200 cm

Connection for additional feed roller

Adjustable log length stopper

Sawing in-feed speed adjustment

Automatic rapid splitting motion

Splitting blade quick release

Conveyor speed adjustment

Palax C750 revolutionises working with its unbelievable speed and power to meet all demands, as its 750 mm hard-tip blade, the fastest on the market, will tame even the largest of logs. The 70 series machines by Palax have been unbeatable in their size class for professional firewood preparation.


Now, Palax C750 ups the ante in several respects. Its speed is top-of-the-line, and its larger log diameter makes the work feel like nothing before. Furthermore, the rear part of the machine has been made wider, making it easier for the wood to travel in the groove. The more robust splitting blade and improved gripper make the machine more comfortable to operate. When the wood is held more firmly in place in the cutting phase, work safety improves as well. The in-feed conveyor and 4.3 m (14 ft) turning out-feed conveyor, both supplied with the machine, keep the wood in motion.


The machine guarantees a brisk working pace, as its automatic rapid motion valve maximises its splitting speed. The debris grate of the splitting groove collects any debris created from the splitting, resulting in clean and easy-to-dry wood. Palax C750 will not leave you in trouble even in the most freezing of temperatures, as its cold start features have been improved with a more powerful electric motor.


This machine is designed for true professionals who need more speed in their life. Grab the controls and take charge of your work.

Because the Palax firewood processors are always delivered ready-assembled, they are quick and easy to put into operation. The in-feed conveyors and discharge conveyors of the machines are fitted with quick-releases. In addition, the discharge conveyor is equipped with a winch that enables the machine to be easily made ready for operation without the use of tools.

The advanced Palax firewood processors are fitted with a discharge conveyor with two chains with a completely open underside, which ensures the trouble-free processing of firewood. The conveyor can also be turned to the side, which maximises its capacity: you can allow the machine to continue its work by turning the discharge conveyor onto another trailer or a bag-packing stand, as the previous one fills up.


A robust log deck for large trees for real workmen.
A heavy-duty log deck, even for active use.
A light-weight log deck for slender trees to help the workman.
Pure firewood for even the most demanding taste.
An effective and dependable method for cleaning even large amounts of wood.