Palax Packer

Fit firewood conveniently into small bags

Palax Packer is a lightweight bagging stand that is easy to store and transport. It packs the firewood into small sacks, which are handy to handle . The sack material is UV-protected polypropylene, which withstands sunlight well without becoming fragile. The firewood sack can be reused or disposed of by burning. The size of the sack is 60 x 80 cm.

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Palax Lifter

The hydraulic log lifter lifts the logs from the ground one at a time to the correct height for the firewood processor.

Palax Puru

Palax Puru keeps the surroundings of the firewood processor clean and tidy.

Palax Cleaner

Palax Cleaner easily removes wood debris while the firewood rotate in the cleaning drum.