Optional features


Always consistent quality firewood

The X-Aim accessory monitors the diameter of the log and automatically adjusts the splitting wedge to always produce consistent quality firewood regardless of the varying size of the log. With X-Aim, you can focus on what is essential, i.e. feeding the log from the log deck and sawing with the firewood processor. Automated splitting takes care of the rest: a pulse sensor reads the thickness of the log from the log clamp and sends the data to the ECU control unit, which uses a hydraulic valve to adjust the splitting wedge to the center of the log. Logs less than 10 cm are automatically split in half.

Productivity data from the touch encoder

X-Aim’s touch encoder displays a lot of useful productivity data for the user, for example operating hours and the amount of sawn log, which can be used to take the right actions such as lubricating the bearings or maintaining the blade.

Only available as factory-installed

X-Aim cannot be retrofitted to already delivered firewood processors. It is available as a factory-installed accessory for new medium and large Palax firewood processors.

Advantages of X-Aim

  • ease of use
  • increased efficiency
  • high-quality firewood despite varying timber
  • real-time data on work productivity

User manuals

Introducing Palax X-Aim

X-Aim compatible splitting wedges