Palax C900 is a circular saw machine that splits 37 cm thick wood with a force up to 10 tons.
The circular saw blade enables maximum speed, productivity and maintenance interval. The machine is best suited for a professional who seeks high productivity for large and small logs, and appreciates great ease of use.

Palax C900 is available either as a tractor powered model, an electric motor version or as a hybrid.
The machine has a 3-point linkage to the tractor.

The Palax C900 is only available as a Pro+ model.
The machine has a three-speed intelligent PowerSpeed splitting cylinder that automatically recognizes the required splitting force and speed: the result is an up to 30% faster work cycle. In addition, fast splitting is guaranteed by Palax Optimi, which automatically adjusts the splitting length according to the cutting length. The factory-installed X-Aim automatic splitting blade height adjustment is available as an additional accessory.

More detailed information about the C900 Pro+ machine below.


Tractor (PTO)
The tractor doesn’t have to be large: 50 horsepower is enough for even the biggest Palax firewood processors.

Electric motor 15 kW, recommended fuse size 32 A.

Hybrid (PTO/Electric) 


  • Top-quality 900 mm hard-metal blade: long maintenance intervals increase work productivity.
  • 30% faster work cycle thanks to the PowerSpeed splitting cylinder
  • Palax Optimi automatically adjusts the length of the splitting cylinder, i.e. the length of the splitting stroke, in accordance with the cutting length.
  • 3-point linkage


  • Available with the X-Aim accessory: always consistent quality firewood automatically.

PRO+ product information

  • Splitting power 10 tons
  • The three-speed intelligent PowerSpeed splitting cylinder automatically recognizes the required splitting force and speed: the result is an up to 30% faster work cycle (splitting of small logs as quickly as possible and splitting of large logs with power up to 10 tons)
  • The automatic rapid motion valve of the splitting cylinder maximizes the splitting speed of the machine
  • The work cycle: 3,3 seconds
  • Fully hydraulic control
  • Hydraulic control of Midi and Mega decks
  • Hydraulically adjustable log length stopper
  • Adjustment of cutting speed
  • Discharge conveyor speed control
  • 2/4 splitting wedge with continously variable height adjustment
  • Easy replacement of the splitting wedge without tools
  • The automatic tensioning of the V-belts increases the lifetime of the V-belts and the entire transmission many times over
  • Sturdy 20 x 220 cm in-feed conveyor
  • Chain-operated and reliable 4.3 m laterally pivotable discharge conveyor
  • 120 l hydraulic oil tank (oil included)
  • The factory-installed X-Aim automatic height adjustment of the splitting wedge available as an accessory

Optional features


The PowerSpeed cylinder increases the speed of firewood production.

Hydraulic oil cooler

Recommended for professional use in warm conditions.

Hydraulic oil heater

Recommended for use in cold conditions. Especially important with circular saw firewood processors.


The X-Aim accessory monitors the diameter of the log and adjusts the splitting wedge automatically, so that the end result is always consistent quality firewood regardless of the varying diameter of the log.

Compatible accessories

Palax Midi

Palax Midi is at its best in scalability: it feeds both large-sized and short logs under 2 m, when you choose an extra chain beam as an accessory. The in-feed table holds eight cubic meters of wood.

Palax Mega

Our largest in-feed table, Palax Mega, is an excellent choice especially for large logs, from 2.5 meters up to 5 meters. The log deck can handle 12 cubic meters of wood, so it is best suited for feeding large quantities of logs.